Monday, 28 June 2010

Family Fun!

We had a family reunion in So. Utah... so we spent a couple days in St. George, then went to Zions... then on to visit my BYU roommate, Kate on her ranch in Nevada. St. George temple
The Thurgood girls on the tram in Zions
Tan Man is ready for a hike!

Grandpa & Grandma Barlow with all the grandkids... well minus the four that live in Hawaii
Sean & Kate taking the kids to see the horses
The girls on their new thouroughbred, Johnnie
The girls and Mikelle
If Kate's boys (ages 10, 7) can do it... so can we, right???
They were laughing at us!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Tanner turns ONE!

We could not believe it when it was time for Tanner's birthday already. The year flew by. This little boy has blessed our lives so much. He is so full of life, love, adventure, cuddles and always laughter. We are so grateful to have him as the caboose on our crazy family train.
When babies turn one at our house... they get their own cake, and go to town!

Happy 1st birthay Little t... we love you!

Last Day of School!

Brooklyn & Mrs. Clifford
Juliette (Makenna's little buddy), Mrs. Webber & Makenna

Zackary & Miss Maria (he ended up liking school afterall!)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Just funny...

Zack is always out to get the bad guys... I think three swords, a light saber, "woggles" and mismatched clothes will definitely get them!