Wednesday, 30 September 2009


We had to use the kids' airmiles before they expired... so we chose the furthest destination that appealed to us: Peru!!
The main cathedral in Cuzco's city square (Cuzco is the closest big city to Machu Picchu. It sits at almost 11,000 feet in altitude in the tops of the Andes Mountains.)
A view of the homes in Cuzco
We stopped at an animal rescue center... Go Diego Go!
Brooklyn with a condor
The hairless dog! Or is it a dog/hyena hybrid?? U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi!!!
Our next stop was a small Incan village called Pisaq. These little girls were dressed in traditional clothing playing games and with their lambs... really I think it was a way to make money... but it was cute either way!
We stayed in the village a bit too long and decided to take a taxi back to the hotel... so we took this taxicello (baically a motorcycle with a cover) for 2 soles (about 60 cents)
The kids thought it was quite entertaining!
Pre-Incan Pisaq terracing (lots of potatoes I guess??) Zack in his hat!! The altitude was high... we all got a little sunburned on day one... so the hats came out!
The kids getting ready for our picnic. You can see the height of the mountains and the glaciers in the background.
The locals tending their herds
We met these little kids (Carla... and the boy's name was too hard for us to say). They were 7 and 5 years old tending a flock of about 100 sheep and about 20 pigs. It was fun watching the kids interact with them!
Chowing the fruit our guide gave them!
Salt Terraces (all the white is salt) All of us in Ollyantaytambo (an Incan city)
The girls at the top of the ruins... this is the wall to their temple. You can see the work of the Incan people... these stones were cut and placed on each other in a Lego type system... no mortar!
The kids feeding guinea pigs in a woman's home Machu Picchu in the cloud forest!
The kids loved the llamas at MP

More MP
The terracing for crops at MP (I guess the Incan people liked to build their cities in a high place to be closer to God and so they didn't waste any land... so they terraced the hills for agriculture)

The kids did a great job climbing around and trying to keep safe. We climbed from the middle to the bottom... then from the bottom to the top (where the guard tower is)... they did great... we actually had to try and keep up with them! Zack found his token stick
... and the girls found a butterfly
The view from the Guard Tower. Brooklyn and her new favorite drink: Inca Cola (kind of a bubble gum soda)
Incan ruins turned into a modern day slide!
Tanner is awake!! We brought the school kits to an orphanage... definitely a highlight of the trip. The kids had a lot of fun with the children!

Unfortunately the family photo didn't turn out so well... guess the flash was off??
The kids sorting out the bags to give out.
The children were excited about some very basic things... to have their own bag, the erasers that go on top of the pencils and the glow in the dark bracelets were a hit!
Zack loving his 1 sole ice cream (about 30 cents)
The Incan homes were all built around a courtyard... this one was peoples' homes that they also sold handicrafts from. Zack found another stick! Main Cathedral in Lima
We took the bus tour so we could see the city easily
Peruvian flag flying above their Congress building
The kids at the park near our hotel
Lima sits right on the coast. So our flight coming home was cancelled... and after a long night in the airport, Josh found a flight that routed through El Salvador. So we had an afternoon in this beautiful seaside jungle country.
Yummy food!!!
The girls buying neclaces from the local children.

The sand was almost black... as you can see by the contrast with Makenna's feet.