Wednesday, 25 March 2009

If something is going to happen...

... seems like it will happen to Brooklyn
We rode our bikes to the park this week... and she fell off a zipline thinger. She was pretty brave and slept on her arm all night and said she was okay. In the morning she said it still hurt. So the xrays came back and showed she broke both bones in her forearm. This is her temporary cast.

... and her purple cast. Unfortunately she is left-handed and has been a little limited. She seems to have taken on the challenge and does most everything on her own still. We took a little field trip to Dippin Dots ice cream to make up for the bummer circumstances and the mean doctor that put her cast on.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Home Depot + 4 Women =

One of my friends is sold on a gardening method called squarefoot gardening... so a few girls from the ward got together to build our garden boxes for the year. If I write nothing else about our garden... that means I failed miserably at this fool-proof method. But here's how it got started...

Shanna & I trying to figure out the measurements of wood, etc. we need... and Jenn writing it all down to ensure we're doing our math right :)Zack having his own party in the cartMelissa and Shanna using power tools... and having way too much fun!
One of the finished boxes waiting for seeds, sunshine and a little TLC... unfortunately my belly is nowhere near finished... Arghh!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Mr. Mom

So Josh gets the Mr. Mom award of the year. He stayed home with the kids for 9 days while I used my airmiles to go to London and Paris. I came home yesterday to happy kiddos with a very clean house!!! He took the kids on field trips after school each day... I can't even do all that! Thanks Josh... you're the best!

Kids on their Disneyland outing with Dad!

It was so much fun to catch up with friends, get a short taste of winter, catch a couple of musicals, see the new babies, and eat Ethiopian food (prepared by our dear friend, Yodit) and at Nando's! Many thanks to friends in London... especially Kerry who had to put up with me at her home for the week.